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Dr. Christine Brown

Do you offer children's dentistry?

Yes! We are delighted to treat children in the Portland area, from toddlers to teens, with age-appropriate dentistry to keep their smiles happy and healthy. Dr. Brown and our team enjoy engaging with kids and getting to know them and their unique personalities.

Oral health care in childhood is incredibly important. There are a lot of steps we can take early on that lay the groundwork for a healthier smile as an adult. Additionally, helping establish a routine of oral hygiene and health care for your child sets them up for a positive, healthy attitude about oral health care that will benefit them for a lifetime.

From their first low-key visit as a toddler around age one, we’ll guide your child gently toward accepting dental care as part of their lives. We start slowly to get them engaged and interested, and then, as they mature, we’ll add dental exams, cleanings, and treatment as needed.

Preventive dentistry is as essential for kids as it is adults, if not more so. Most children can benefit from dental sealants that act as a protective barrier to prevent cavities from forming. Some kids may also need supplemental fluoride applications, and Dr. Brown will be happy to determine if your child isn’t currently getting enough fluoride to keep their teeth healthy.

We enjoy providing children’s dentistry to the smallest smiles in Portland, and we would love to meet your little one. Please call Vermont Hills Family Dental to schedule an appointment to get started.

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We want our patients to be aware that their safety is our primary concern. Our office has placed additional precautions to protect our patients and staff during this unprecedented time. In addition to the recommendations by the ADA (American Dental Association) and CDC (Center for Disease Control), we have implemented the following in our office:
1. The office was recently equipped with HEPA air filtration systems, located in each operatory. 
2. An ozone generator is used each evening to disinfect
3. Prior to entering the office, all staff members and patients will complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire.
4. Strict rules of social distancing will be followed. Patients will wear masks anywhere outside of the operatory.
5. All surfaces are frequently disinfected throughout the day
We are here to help and look forward to seeing your smiling faces!