Children's Dentistry

One of our greatest pleasures is the time we get to spend with our youngest patients. Watching them grow through the years and sharing important milestones in their young lives is a joy to us.

Dr. Christine Brown is an experienced children's dentist in Portland, OR who understands that each child has particular needs. A positive experience is crucial, so we allow kids the space to get used to a dental environment at their pace. If your son or daughter experiences anxiety, Dr. Brown and her team will work through their fears with patience and compassion.

Baby's First Dental Visit

The recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is for kids to first see a dentist around age one or when the first baby tooth erupts. It may not seem like much is happening with their oral health, but these visits are crucial for several reasons.

At these early appointments, we take our time so your child can get to know us at a pace that's comfortable for them. A stress-free first visit leaves a first impression and helps establish a positive attitude about oral health care that can benefit them for a lifetime.

Equally important, baby teeth play a vital role in your child's development. They help your little one chew their first solid foods and learn to speak clearly, so it's essential to keep baby teeth healthy until they're ready to come out naturally. Bringing them to see us from an early age allows our children's dentist to detect tiny cavities and fill them before they threaten the tooth. If your baby loses a tooth too soon due to decay, the oral health consequences can follow them into adulthood.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Growing kids need dental exams and professional cleanings every six months, just as adults do. These appointments are all about prevention and keeping your baby's smile healthy. We will ensure these visits are fun and informative so that your little one stays engaged and interested.

Another benefit of these appointments is that you have our dentist's full and undivided attention. This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions about nutrition, brushing and flossing, and discuss concerns like bottle feeding and thumb-sucking habits.

Fluoride and Dental Sealants Protect Teeth

If we find your child's teeth would benefit from extra protection, Dr. Brown may recommend dental sealants. Applied to the rough, uneven surfaces of teeth like molars, a sealant is a thin plastic coating that acts as a barrier between the tooth and cavity-causing bacteria.

Fluoride helps to naturally strengthen teeth and protect them from decay. It is a naturally-occurring mineral and is perfectly safe when applied in the low amounts used in dentistry. In Portland, we don't have fluoridated public water, so your child may benefit from supplemental fluoride applications to protect their teeth.

Custom Mouthguards

Dental injuries are common in children, especially those who participate in sports like soccer, basketball, and football. At Vermont Hills Family Dentistry, we offer customized sports mouthguards that are superior in comfort and durability to generic guards available at your sporting goods store.

We Look Forward to Welcoming Your Child

Dr. Christine Brown and her caring team would love to welcome your son or daughter to our friendly, comfortable dental office in Portland. Please call us at (503) 246-7700 and schedule an appointment to get started.