Teeth Whitening

Everyone aspires to whiter, brighter teeth because a beautiful smile is an incredibly important asset in today’s world. We increasingly put our faces front and center in social media and Zoom calls with business associates. Today, more than ever, the look of your teeth and how you feel about them is crucial.

Of all the cosmetic dentistry we offer our patients in Portland, the number one requested procedure is teeth whitening. Why? Because the process is fast and affordable and delivers results that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Why Your Smile Lost Its Youthful Luster

Much of the dullness you see with your teeth is unavoidable and occurs because of the aging process. As the years go by, tooth enamel becomes more porous and susceptible to collecting stains and food particles. At the same time, the enamel thins and exposes the yellowish dentin beneath it. The result is a dim smile and a faded memory of that brilliant luster your smile had in your 20s.

We also add to the discoloration of our teeth by consuming darkly-colored foods and beverages that deposit stains on our teeth. Coffee, dark teas, red wine, tomato sauce, and some curries are just a few of the culprits you should be aware of. A lack of proper oral hygiene also contributes to a dull smile and smoking cigarettes deposits ugly brown and yellow stains on your teeth.

Convenient Teeth Whitening Options

Because you have unique needs, we offer two types of professional teeth whitening.

Customized Take-Home Kits

We highly recommend our customized take-home whitening kits if you aren’t in a hurry and want to see the most dazzling results. First, we take impressions of your teeth and fabricate a customized whitening tray that conforms closely to the contours of your teeth. Dr. Brown prescribes a prescription-strength whitening gel based on your needs and adjusts the potency to avoid tooth sensitivity.

When you get home, place the gel in the trays and wear them as instructed by our dentist. At the end of the treatment period, be prepared to see the stunning results!

The benefit of using a professional tooth whitening kit instead of a store-bought brand is that we customize it for your needs to deliver safe treatment that won’t damage tooth enamel. You also have the support of professionals to turn to if you experience sensitivity or don’t see the bright results you were hoping for.

We love to give our patients options that fit their lifestyle, so we also offer Opalescence Go take-home whitening trays. No impressions are needed, and you just need to wear the pre-filled trays for about 45-60 minutes a day. 

In-Office Power Whitening

Are you getting your smile ready for a big event like a wedding, reunion, or business presentation and don’t have two weeks to wait? We are also happy to provide in-office tooth whitening for our Portland patients that delivers exceptional results in less than an hour.

Are You Ready to See Your Brightest Smile?

If you are tired of dull, stained, or yellow teeth and want to make a change, call Vermont Hills Family Dental to schedule a cleaning. At that time, we will be happy to recommend the tooth whitening treatment that we think is right for you!